This document describes the various aspects of wincvs. The following are the instructions for iusing the tomcat web server

1  Basics

1)  Download and install WinCVS

2)  Setup wincvs preferences by going through

3)  admin -> preferences

4)  Select pserver for Authentication

5)  path = /cvsroot

6)  host address =

7)  username = user

8)  check the ‘check out read only’ check box in the globals tab

9)  check the ‘TCP /IP Compression’ check box

10)  change the location to the right folder where you want the files to downloaded

11)  now login using

12)  admin -> login

13)  it will ask for a password

14)  highlight the folder where you want the files to be downloaded

15)  then get a module by

16)  remote -> checkout module

17)  enter the module name ‘xxx’ and click ok

2  Remove

To remove a file

1)  Select the file and click remove (from remote menu). Then commit the file